Gmaxx 2400.100N50 10" x 50 Tooth Negative Hook Carbide Saw Blade Germany

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Gmaxx 2400.100N50 10" x 50 Tooth Negative Hook Carbide Saw Blade Germany

Combination Negative Hook Angle


5/8" arbor 
7600 rpm
Negative hook angle

Dimar’s new Gmaxx Professional carbide Tipped Saw Blades provide top-notch affordable quality for the small shop and the home woodworking enthusiast, and feature our new D-Coat Nano-technology system! Using specialized Nano Technology developed exclusively by Dimar, the coating is absorbed into the body of the saw blade body plate and teeth, ensuring that the coating will not peel off or crack (under normal usage). Dimar’s technique embeds the coating in the body of the saw blade material and teeth - compare this to the standard technique used by all other saw blade manufacturers of simply painting the teeth or spraying on Teflon which can come off easily. These professional grade blades are manufactured in Germany by our renowned GmbH factory, which has a history that spans over 100 years in the cutting tool industry. These blades will give you the cut you need at the price you want! The Gmaxx Professional blades have thicker deflection limiting plates then our Woodpecker line, providing smoother cuts than comparable thin-kerf blades. Dimar’s Gmaxx blades are available in Alternate Top Bevel grind (for cutting hardwood, softwood and plywood), Triple-Chip Grind (for chipboard and laminate-covered material) and flat top grind (for ripping). Features and Benefits: D-Coat Nano-technology system! Micro-grain German made tungsten carbide teeth for optimum durability and prolonged tool life. Long and thick carbide teeth that tolerate over 15 sharpenings. Premium quality stiff plate for true cutting even under load. Premium quality: 

Made in Germany. 

Aeronca x 6 weiser 10n


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